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Whilst we would love to offer this entire service for free, hosting space and bandwidth do cost money, and this site is pretty heavy on both of those things. We can either splash adverts everywhere (eeeuw!) or we can go down on one knee and ask you for a little of your hard-earned. We're guessing you hate adverts as much as we do, so that leaves us begging.

There are a number of rewards for users who subscribe:

  • longer and more flexible usernames
  • the ability to place an image from your moblog on it's sidebar
  • remote linking to your latest image - handy for keeping your blog up to date
  • a friends list, and a page which enables you to keep tabs on your favourite moblogs
  • a comment tracker, letting you keep up on moblogs you've commented on recently
  • the power to generate your own imagewall

Many more features are being added all the time, and not just for subscribers: there will always be a free service offered by moblogUK, that aspect of the site is very important to us, but we feel it's unfair to ask people for money and give them nothing in return - after all, you work as hard as we do for your money, don't you?

We greatly appreciate your generous donations - they benefit everyone, as we can have a nice poweful server to do groovy things like imagewalls with. For less than the price of a pie and a pint you can bask every month in the warm satisfying glow of helping us make the site better for everyone.

Simply enter your username and click the paypal button of your choice for instant Karma.. We'll leave it up to you to choose how much to subscribe for.


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