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new theme

Joe Archer has contributed a new theme, the dark and clean lined Graygraff. We like it, thanks Joe.

The 'latest images' page will now behave properly when you page back through posts older than 48 hours. Apologies about that one, it somehow slipped through the net.
22nd Jun 23:09

another new theme

'SandStar' by the enigmatic Chopin... (preview)
13th May 21:52

new theme

An 4rthur-based theme, for all you 4rthurians out there. (preview)

Kindly donated by munkt0n
11th May 20:36

pile of updates

A few pages have been updated and improved:

latest image page: much more sensible now, safe from being piled up with multiple image posts; and adjustable time based display - only show images you've missed.

'edit profile' page: see 'general settings' for two new options, the ability to hide your moblog from the shared pages; and a switch to let us (and other people) know that your moblog is creative commons licensed.

This last option has helped in making the search page more flexible, and more useful, provided people remember to set it! (note: this will not attach a license to your moblog)

Plus some small changes to some other pages to accomodate the new features. enjoy!
8th May 02:32

user profiles

All users now have a profile page - it doesn't show much, but there's plenty of space to put things in. The 'edit profile' page has been extended, and has a few more features as well.

You'll find the link to someone's profile just below their name on their moblog.
29th Apr 23:47

TextAmerica users

User defeated has kindly made available his TextAmerica-to-moblogUK import tool - letting you easily move all your TextAmerica images to your shiny new moblog.

You can download MoblogImporter here
28th Apr 23:40

more new themes

User DarkCryst has kindly contributed the theme Southern Sunset

It's most pretty, thanks very much.
25th Apr 20:27

More RSS

An RSS feed for the whole site (the latest ten images posted) is now available at or from the link at the bottom of the home page.
21st Apr 00:06

Sprint Users

After some reading, some emailing of people and a long night hacking php around, we may now be able to accept Sprint Picture Shares. (sprint don't send an image in the email, they send a link to a webpage with the image in)

We say 'may', as being based in the UK means we don't have any Sprint phones to test with, so we'd really appreciate you trying a couple of posts if you do have one.

Fingers crossed!
18th Apr 19:11

more comment control

In your profile page, you should now see an option to select who can post comments to your moblog - anyone, registered users only, or no-one at all.

The default setting is to allow anyone to post.
10th Apr 20:04
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