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A perfect pastime for a Tuesday morning. Try it. It works!
13th May 2008, 15:03   comments (2)


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A strange morning - I woke up with the thought in my mind that I had to find
out when I had an appointment with the consultant who did the hernia
operation last year. I had the letter, but hadn't seen it for a month or so,
and I knew the appointment was imminent, and had decided to cancel, as it
was no longer necessary. I was bumbling around quite ponderously, and not
having much success with anything, let alone finding a solitary letter in a
house of chaos, so I thought I'd better let them know I was probably going
to be late for work. I never did find that letter, and ended up phoning the
hospital, who informed me that the appointment was for 11.00am today (this
was about 9.45am). Fortunately the appointment was at South Pembs hospital,
which is but a 10 minute ride away, so I got to see the surgeon anyway, who
was very impressed with my progress, but puzzled as to why I needed to see
him. I explained that when my doctor made the referral OVER SIX MONTHS AGO I
was in a great deal of pain, but this had no effect at all. I then bought a
sandwich and the most disgusting smoothie I have ever tasted and sat by the
dock for a minute before heading to work. The Beast was at work, and, if you
look closely, you can see a red sliver just below the jumboboat - a lone
canoeist paddling by!
12th May 2008, 20:55   comments (2)


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...For an 8 year old girl.
It's a long story, but we were given a full set of kitchen cupboards and
worktops, and just having had a new kitchen fitted not so long ago, we
decided to utilise the storage space throughout the house. Among the various
bits and pieces was an 8' piece of worktop, which I was hoping to use as a
workbench in my shed, but as the shed is only 6'x6' it would involve
cutting. I have a smaller piece I can use, so we decided to use a couple of
cupboards and make Jassie a desk. I managed to get a smart new lecky
screwdriver too!
11th May 2008, 19:34   comments (6)


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I can't actually remember the last time I posted (or took) some night-time
pics; at one time my walks home from the pub were oft-blogged, but not for a
long time, as I haven't been going to the pub, but last night we conned a
babysitter, and went and had a few beers in celebration of the week's
events. Top is the lights of Llanstadwell and Pembroke Dock with the River
Cleddau inbetwixt as seen from the top of the cycle path, bottom is an
unknown plant as seen by streetlight. A bit of an experiment, as I've just
loaded Ubuntu onto an old laptop, and the images were resized using Gimp.
10th May 2008, 10:08   comments (17)


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...with two fingers as I sailed past this morning en route to my new job. My
desk looked out of the window marked x, and the only thing I shall miss
about my former job is being able to gaze from the window at the view below,
but I still get to see the view as I cycle over the bridge every day anyway.
Today I have mostly been changing brake and gear cables, fixing punctures
and fitting new chains, and it's been wonderful.
8th May 2008, 22:31   comments (15)


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This beast is doing some work in the dock at the moment - it amazes me the
thing floats, let alone has sailed here from Holland!
7th May 2008, 18:56   comments (4)


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Talk about perfect timing - the bloke from the local bike shop just phoned
me, to ask if I could help him out on a casual basis, as he's snowed under
with repairs! Just shows that a jump from a frying pan isn't always into the
fire - I start tomorrow!
7th May 2008, 12:11   comments (15)


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it's only about 4 miles from where we are now, but it's like another
7th May 2008, 11:05   comments (4)